World-Renowned Rope Jumping Sisters Dazzle Audience

Published April 17, 2016 71,481 Plays $120.77 earned

Rumble / Unusual TalentsDo you remember what was your favorite game to play as a kid with your friends? In fact, do you remember even one of them? Time flies so fast, we often forget such details, so we hope that this footage will help you remember all those good times.

Sisters Kata and Adrienn Bánhegyi are widely considered the best jump ropers in the world, winning multiple awards and competitions. Here we see the dynamic duo entertain a crowd at a women's handball game in Hungry. They perform multiple jump rope tricks using the members of the handball team as their props. Most of the time it looks like they are pulling some magic tricks on us because we can’t quite follow what they are doing. They are that amazing!

Although some might think that rope jumping is an activity for children, it is actually used by many adults, too, as a part of their exercise routine. Studies have shown that rope jumping is so effective that a 10 minute rope workout can burn as many calories as jogging at an eight-minute-per-mile pace. This is why the jump rope is one of the most essential gym equipments whether at home or in an actual gym. If you don’t believe us, try it out for yourself. Sometime all that fancy equipment is no match for something as old school as the jump rope. To this day, jump rope is associated with boxers because it is considered as their favorite warm up routine.


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    These girls have some amazing skills...

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    WOW she is hot, right?

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    These girls are simply amazing!!!!

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