Big Puppy Helps Smaller Puppy In A Mission To Conquer The Bed

7 years ago

Siblings are a gift from the heavens. No matter if they are siblings by birth or adopted, having someone to keep you safe is always a plus. They love you unconditionally and come real handy as partners in crime.

Whether they are human siblings or doggies, like these two in the clip, the bond between them is as extraordinary as any. Moo Ping, the bigger, 3-month-old male puppy, sees his sister Khao Neaw, a 1-month-old, as she struggles to climb on the huge couch. Some older brothers might even bully their baby siblings when they try to overcome a feat that is too big for them, but not Moo Ping.

After attempting to cheer little Khao Neaw to climb the couch, he jumps on the floor and starts pushing the puppy up! Call us astonished, because this is like nothing we have seen so far.

Sure, older siblings can be bullies, because they believe that if they were able to overcome these feats on their own, surely their younger siblings can do it themselves. Such harsh motivation works on some occasions, but it seems only human siblings are capable of it. All animals, whether they come from the same group or not, are always willing to help out a friend in struggle.

It seems there is a lot to learn from these creatures, even as tiny one as these two!

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