Clever Solution To When You Don't Want To Leave Your Couch For Your Pizza

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Published: April 15, 2016

As We've all been there. Not want to get out of bed not want to move even though we've had a good night of sleep. Some days we feel we deserve a day inside and not having to move at all so we treat our self's, drinking on our couch and spending the day as a couch potato.

Now for some of us it some to the extent of not even wanting to go get up and walk down a couple of stairs and getting our pizza once it gets delivered. However, we are human at the end of the day and this comes in handy do to the fact that we can be creative when we are highly motivated.

So, for the delivery man it's just another day on the job. He drives around to the given address and drops off the pizza for the costumer. Gets his money, and then moves on to the next. Feeding many people and providing a service that at "hard times" such as this, we can still be with a tummy full.

Not today however. Once he arrives at this particular address he has a surprise waiting for him. These guys have a basket connected to a long rope which they drop down for the delivery man in which he can place the pizza and what seems like coke within it and then the costumers can just pull up their lunch.

It seems that this delivery man is in for a treat once he gets in to this address and starts his working routine. Take a look at the interesting back and forth conversation and actin that is happening so that these people don't even need to leave their house to get their pizza.


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