This 'Touching The Electric Fence' Experiment Went Just As Expected

Published April 15, 2016 844,288 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsAt least it seems like they know how electricity works, but not really in their favor. These guy just might be drunk and out for some "fun" time. So get this, they are doing a "human chain" where they all grab the next person's hand where the first person goes for the electric fence. Well, right of the bat, there is no good that can come from this, we can tell you that much. Nevertheless, watch as these guys play with the power of electricity. How crazy is this?

Electricity is something to be taking seriously as it can severely damage your health, and in some cases, can even be deadly. These people obviously fool around with a not so dangerous fence, but you never know. Even though pulling pranks is funny, make sure to be as responsible as you can.

From what we can remember from science class, one of them didn't have rubber soles on their shoes and the electricity went to the ground, resulting in a shock. If all of them were insulated from the ground, this wouldn't have happened. Who is the lucky bloke wearing leather soles?

Also, did you notice the unfazed sheep just wandering in the background? It must have been wondering why these people were being silly. But nonetheless, their reaction when the current reaches their skin is hilarious! They all jump at the same time! What are your favorite pranks? Share them in the comment section below, and remember - always be safe.

Curiosity is a funny thing. Mankind has been curious since the beginning of time, which is why we have all of the commodities that surround us today. Curiosity has brought us fire, the wheel and yes, even electricity. Thanks to education, we know that the electric current is a powerful and volatile force and should not be handled without the proper equipment, nor without the necessary know-how. That is why, wherever there is a high voltage current somewhere, there are signs that tell laymen to steer clear. Still, there are folks who would really like to touch the coils and the cables. Like one very curious layman tried to do it, while on an electric train in Moscow.

The guy propped his GoPro camera on the top of his head and climbed a train that was about to depart. When the train started moving, he moved over to the exposed coils on the roof and merely touched them with the tips of his fingers. Can you guess what happened to the unfortunate soul? It isn’t bad, but it sure gave him a shock


  • Barbara88, 4 years ago

    Funny guys :)

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  • Paul13, 4 years ago

    They gave me a great idea :)

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  • kcarlson, 1 year ago

    Even more funny knowing the way it feels. XD

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  • bpgagirl22, 1 year ago

    This is exactly what they need at the border! Oh well! COME IN LEGALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY!!!!!

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