Adorable Baby Gets Frightened Every Time His Mom Roars Like A Dinosaur

Published April 14, 2016 45,824 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsEvery kid has its own favorite toy. Whether it’s the kid’s favourite cartoon character or some stuffed animal, at the end of the day all that’s important is that the kid has something to play with.

Most kids love dinosaurs. Whether it's a T-Rex or a brachiosaurus, kids and dinosaurs go together like PB&J. And while this cute little baby loves dinosaurs, he is still getting used to their roars! Every time his mom roars like a dinosaur this little cutie gets a little fright!

"Is it a dinosaur and it says "Roar...?" asks the baby’s mom.

But every time mom makes the dinosaur roar the little toddler gets upset and frowns. Immediately after the child gets upset, his mom makes a delicate and playful sound and speaks in a higher pitched voice.

"Oh, it’s OK. We like dinosaurs." and as a result of this happy chater, the baby smiles again. As the video rolls, the mother repeats the roaring sound and the cute baby has the same reaction. It opens its eyes widely and prepares his chubby face for crying.

This video was posted on Facebook by Kyoot Kids and it has almost 700,000 views. Who could resist this little cutie? What an adorable smile it has. The only thing we wonder is when the child grows up, will mommy allow her child to watch Jurassic Park if it is having a reaction like it has now? Maybe it will get familiar with the roaring sound and instead will become Jurassic Park fan!