Silly Pup Refuses To Let Go Of Car Door Window

AFV Published April 14, 2016 17,476 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt can be quite understandable for dogs to refuse to let go of stuff they deem their own. Normally it is stuff like their own toys or the bed they sleep on. But now we have a clip that shows a Beagle dog refusing to hand over his owner’s sock, for example. It is one of those golden bits of comedy that just really makes our day.

What strikes us the most here is this dog’s ability to cling to the window of his owner’s car like it might be the last thing he will ever hold onto. Seated in the front passenger seat, the Beagle puppy rests his paws on the edge of the car door window, the glass rolled down. They must have been on a ride somewhere, letting the pup’s big floppy ears flap in the breeze.

But now they are at home and it is time to get out of the car and roll the windows back up to lock it. The pup seems to not want this ride to end, so when the glass starts rolling up, he holds onto it for dear life!

We think his paws might slide down on the glass, but that is not what happens here. The dog grips firmly on the thin edge of the glass and it isn’t until the window is almost fully closed that he lets go. Both his owners are rolling around, laughing at their pet’s incredible determination. Hilarious!

This might actually be a great commercial for something like Loctite. It will sell like hotcakes!


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    Now that's cute!

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