Owl Ring Bearer Literally Crashes Into Window At Wedding

ViralHog Published September 23, 2015 269 Plays $0.69 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA Canadian wedding couple hired a trained owl to deliver their rings at the church, but instead the owl took an infamous flight for freedom that ended with a window crash. Max, the owl, initially headed toward the couple, but made an unexpected turn and flew toward the side window.

Max seems to be making a break for freedom, or wants to get some fresh air, however he ends up with neither way when he crushes into the glass window and falls to the ground, leaving the guests in awe. Talk about crashing a wedding with an owl window crusher!

The trained owl was supposed to glide into the church during the wedding ceremony and deliver the rings, as he was the owl ring bearer. Footage shows Max nailing his first part of the job, but somehow he became a little overwhelmed and decided to flee the scene.

A number of excited guests at the ceremony captured the inglorious moment on camera, and were left for words after the unexpected crush at the window.

Moments later the graceful nature of Max’s movement is lost when the little bird changes its course of flying and goes for the window. Poor Max, he didn’t see the pane of glass coming in his way and he collides with it head-on.

Guests at the ceremony can be heard gasping in shock as a loud thud is heard and the owl falls from the air before landing on the ground. This video was filmed on September 12, 2015 in Canada.