Senior Cocker Spaniel Mix, Left at Shelter When Owner Died, Gets Transformation

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Most seniors like Scooby are overlooked in the shelter, this transformation was his chance to give him a second look, a second chance at life - and it did! Scooby is now in a training program to help inmates in prison.

Full story:
Scooby was turned in to the shelter when his owner died. Scooby, a cocker spaniel mix is a senior and just by age alone he is often overlooked in the shelter. Hollywood Rescue Grooming stepped in and donated their time and clippers to give Scooby a new look.

Since filming, Scooby is now in a program that helps fellow prison inmates.

That day, Hollywood Groomers cut, groomed, spruced and glammed up 56 dogs and since then all have found homes, including Joey.

Every dog deserves a second look, a second chance and a second home! Please share Scooby's story to inspire everyone to #adopt

Special thanks to:
OC Animal Care
Please donate to their Noble Friends Foundation, a program that helps animals in desperate need of medical attention:

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Hollywood Rescue Grooming

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Producer: Dawn Arunee Poomee

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