3-Year-Old Girl Hugs 8-Foot-Long Pet Python

Published April 8, 2016 317,724 Views

There is nothing more precious than watching videos of little kids and their pets. It is an absolute cuteness overload if we’ve ever seen one. There is something so adorable in watching their quirky personalities and innocent deeds that makes us think that after all, there would be a better tomorrow.

They say that children are untainted. They are born without the notion of race, religion and gender and they can not judge anyone based on it. They will either like you or they won’t based on how you act around them. Funnily enough, that is probably why they like to spend more of their time around pets and other children. Well, that says a whole lot about us as people.

The same way children are pure, pets are the same. They judge our characters based on how we act around them, meaning that they are in love with little kids . We’ve seen many adorable footage's of them playing together, but this one is insurmountable. Not all animals can we call cute or cuddly and possibly want to hug at the first sight, but this happens to be one of those cases where that is just what happens. And you might have guessed it, its a snake she is hugging.

The reticulated python is widely regarded as the world's longest snake but can often be found as a household pet. Here we witness a touching moment as this little girl gives her snake a great big hug. You have to admit that this is an adorably priceless moment!

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