He Gets Out Of His Car To Fight Another Reckless Driver With A Bat, But When Confronted He Instantly Retreats

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Rumble We can all relate to getting mad and angry in traffic, especially when we notice someone completely disobeying the rules. Sure, we all need to get places and no one really likes being in the car for too long. Sometimes however, we happen to spot some drivers that think they are allowed to do something that is obviously wrong, bringing everyone at risk. Most times we can choose to ignore those reckless drivers or maybe honk at them, but sometimes the situation can get out of hand and we have to try and stop it!

In this intense footage, we witness a car stopping in the middle of the lane, to teach another reckless driver a lesson, by putting everyone from behind them at risk. We don’t know what might have happened for this driver to get upset and step out of his vehicle with a bat, prepared to fight the reckless driver parked to the side. Maybe he stepped on the nerve of this inpatient driver by trying to recklessly switch lanes.

Other cars can be heard honking and letting the driver know that whatever they are trying to do is wrong, and should immediately stop their intention. However, the driver in front won’t let the reckless driver get away, but their idea of righting the wrong is not great.

The driver of the Honda stops mid-lane and parallel to the Prius that has stopped on the lip of the road, which is another thing one should not do in traffic. Next, he gets out of his car, despite the column of cars that builds up behind him. He doesn’t care what is going on around him and just wants to settle this feud right here and now!

The driver is obviously very angry as he gets out of the car, and not only that, but he takes out a bat in order to scare the other driver away. This usually works when confronting an unstable person in order to stop the situation from escalating into something totally uncalled for. However, the other driver chooses to accept the duel, and confronts the driver, seemingly undisturbed by the driver with the bat. Tension is rising!

The guy comes out, bat in hand and starts waving it around, showing he means business. Someone from the inside of the Honda tries to stop him, but fails and then just retreats. He tries to look all gangsta, lifting his shoulders and waving that so-called bat. Then the driver of the Prius, a middle-aged man, comes out and walks towards the disgruntled driver. The batter starts retreating and unfortunately we cannot discern what he is being told, but by the looks of it, the other guy manages to calm his anger in seconds. The batter’s friend then comes out as well and calms the situation further, leading to a happy, non violent, ending. Impressive!

The guy with the bat chooses to back down, gets in his car and quickly drives off. This kind of ending was most definitely not expected to take place!

Dash cam footage captures some good old-fashioned instant karma in its finests moments. Watch what happens when a driver tries to teach another reckless driver a lesson, and by doing so, becoming a reckless driver himself! The driver is instantly confronted and realizes that he cannot beat the driver he went against. Street fighting should not be brought out in traffic.

Don’t you just love dash cam videos? They are the gift from the gods of technology, letting us capture things we could never explain to people who weren’t with us in the car at the time of happening!

Ever since they came out, the dash cam’s initial purpose was to insure you in case of traffic accidents or when some unlucky person decides to blame you for running them over. People have had their minds taken off the guilt of ruining someone's life or idea of a life with the footage their camera captured.

The majority of videos we get captured by these awesome devices let us see what it looks like when someone gets served with instant karma, cold and hard! Whether it is a rowdy pedestrian or a careless driver, we get to see that there is justice in the world and it will catch up on you, sooner or later.


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