He Gets Out Of His Car To Fight Another Reckless Driver, Soon Regrets This

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Published: April 6, 2016Updated: April 7, 2016

We can all relate to getting mad and angry in traffic, especially when we notice someone doing an obvious wrong. Sure, we all need to get places and no one really likes being in the car for too long. Sometimes however, we happen to spot some driver that thinks that are clever and do something that is obviously stupid let alone wrong, bringing everyone at risk. Most times we can choose to ignore it or maybe honk at the reckless driver but sometimes the situation can get out of hand.

Here we obviously have some wrong lane turning or even inpatient drivers trying to switch lanes recklessly while others are honking and letting the driver know that whatever they are trying to do is wrong. However, one driver in particular is on these guys case when he does not let them go through with their idea.

The driver is obviously very angry as he gets out of the car, and not only that, but takes out a bat in order to scare the other drivers. Now, usually this is where it all stops when confronting a crazy person in order for the situation not to escalate into something totally uncalled for. But the other driver chooses to confront the driver with the bat. Even though at first this looks like a scary scene, it all goes down in peace.

The guy with the bat chooses to back down, get in his car and quickly drives off. The ending is most definitely not expected!

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    Johny1990 · 2 years ago

    Hahahahah... Sissy...

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    jjrrWWuudd · 17 weeks ago

    Russia ... worst drivers in the world.

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    Beneluxsupercars · 17 weeks ago

    those crazy russians

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    LarryGB · 16 weeks ago

    Why was this even posted?

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    DinoCaprice13 · 10 weeks ago

    Just wasted my Sunday watching this boring ass video smh 🤦‍♂️

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    Cunt · 6 weeks ago

    Pathetic click bait shit. Regrets what? Why? Huh?