Shark Unlocks True Attack Mode On Jet Ski Couple

8 years ago

Sharks are notorious sea creatures and it is understandable they cause a stir when they show up unexpected. On April 7 in Hervey Bay, Australia, a couple riding a Jet Ski off Fraser Island experienced a close call when a six-foot bronze whaler shark swimming next to their jet ski, suddenly turned on them, going into attack mode with jaws wide open. They captured the moment when the shark turns and rams the side of their watercraft. This was one rather close encounter with one particularly large shark, and here is their story.

Libby Williams says “My wife and I were on our Yamaha FX Cruiser jet ski touring up the western side of Fraser Island, we noticed a shadow in the water and realized it was a rather large shark. We decided to get a little closer to take some video footage and we clearly got a little too close! No one was injured although the jet ski did get some small scuff marks where the shark contacted the ski."

Noticing the swimming shark, the couple decided to get a little closer to shoot a video when, as Libby’s husband explained “we clearly got a little too close!" and obviously, that agitated the shark. Williams said the shark nearly took a chunk of her leg!

Fraser Island is the world’s largest known for great white sharks, bull sharks, bronze whaler sharks (also known as copper sharks) and tiger sharks. Bronze whaler sharks aren’t known to be aggressive toward humans unless there is a presence of food, or unless they are agitated by a Jet Ski.

Its common name "whaler" arose in the nineteenth century, due to their habit of congregating around the carcasses of harpooned whales hanging along the side of whaling boats. The bronze whaler sharks are one of the species known to attack humans, though infrequently. Named for its bronze, or sometimes greyish-bronze upperside, this is a large, fairly slender shark with a moderately long and slightly pointed snout. The bronze whaler shark is known to be somewhat aggressive to humans when they sense food or prey close by. And though they usually remain solitary, these sharks will often form groups to hunt prey more effectively. These are migratory, live-bearing sharks that inhabit warmer waters and sometimes enter fresh water. Unfortunately, this shark is highly-sought after by commercial fisheries for its meat and is highly susceptible to overfishing due to its extremely long maturity age of up to 20 years!

Sharks strike fear into the hearts of many. That's even though the odds of being attacked by a shark are actually incredibly low. More people are killed by things like flowerpots, lawn mowers, toaster ovens, deer, cows, and dogs each year. More people are bitten by other people than by sharks. Still, sharks are hardly cuddly friends. Beware of sharks like this one!

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