Cyclist has dangerously close encounter with bull moose

WildCreatures Published April 7, 2016 15,880 Plays $32.00 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeA cyclist passing through Algonquin Provincial Park in Central Ontario, Canada spots a very large bull moose casually eating on the side of the road. The result is some very detailed close-up footage of a spectacular animal who doesn't seem concerned at all with the human presence. More than 2 meters high at the shoulder, it's amazing how quickly this moose can devour leaves and branches. They disappear in his huge mouth almost instantly!


  • MikeRows, 2 years ago

    I had a close encounter with a giant bull moose too, seemed more curious than anything else. Amazing how large it was. We were visiting Grand Tetons and I took off in our rental car in opes of encountering a bear. As I was driving down the highway, a MASSIVE bull moose leapt out of the deep woods right in my path. I swerved, it swerved. I looked in the rear view mirror as it stared at me driving away. I turned around and the moose sauntered into an area that had been cleared and some road construction equipment was stored. I know that they can be very dangerous and had no intention of getting anywhere it could get to me. The moose came to the passenger side of the vehicle, towering over it, while I took some pictures and calmly praised it. It was very calm and watched me for a minute or two before losing interest and slowly wandering off. Really amazing animals.

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