Curious Cows React To Live Violin Performance

8 years ago

Music is distinguished from other sound waves by harmony. Sound waves affect all living organisms, as well as any other element of the environment. However, the influence of music marked by strict harmonies, like classical music or the music played by the woman in this video, is so amazing that it is simply impossible to neglect. It has been scientifically proven that animals even enjoy the subtleties of music, it relaxes them, and it is proven in practice that cows, the heroes in our video, give a bucket of milk a day more when they listen to music.

After long observations, scientists have come to the recognition that music not only improves mood but increases activity, treats and even raises IQ. Quite serious studies have revealed that under the influence of sound waves in the human brain, the hormone dopamine is released that causes a sense of euphoria. That's why people like music, although, of course, not everyone, and not every type of music. It's a matter of taste, as they say. Scientists have also performed many “musical” experiments with animals: cows, rabbits, mice, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, etc. The results of these experiments made scientists hold their breath and feel their heart racing: in Brazil, for example, they bred a new breed of bees, whose aggressiveness was reduced by the only under the influence of music!

Have you ever heard of the band with the cows enjoy music and the group of teens that play the violin? Well get ready and watch the clip because they have a pretty rad sound. A girl plays a violin out on the farm and these cows can’t help but listen to the wonderful sounds.

Some say cows have an ear for music, others will rebuke that notion, saying that the sheer sound of a musical instrument confuses the animal, making them ‘complain’ about it. What is the truth about this behavior?

Research confirms that cows have musical preferences and react differently to particular types of music. Exposing cows on an open farm can result to different types of reactions. The kind of music that the cows listened to makes a difference. If the music is loud and reckless then the cows would probably react different than in this scenario. Classical music, on the other hand, seemed to have a calming effect on the cows.

Don't necessarily assume that your cow has anything to do with the music you're playing. It may be mere coincidence. If the yowling continues well after you've turned off the classical music, it's time to investigate any and all of the other potential triggers for your cow's vocalization, whether nerves due to loneliness or physical pain.

Cleveland-based musicians Amy Lee, Frank Rosenwein, and Joanna & Mike Zakany decide to test the musical sophistication of cows Kayli, Maybelle, Mike, and Maribeth. The results? You'll just have to see it to believe it!

At first glance, it seems that cows wander through pastures living a seemingly carefree life. However, they have complex thoughts and display a multitude of emotions. Moreover, cows characterize with distinguished traits such as being dominant, annoying, curious, mischievous, loving, friendly, and adventurous. Who would have thought that beneath that calm exterior there is a boiling mass of emotions? Now we know: beings that are capable of appreciating music cannot be superficial nor mere automatons.

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