Silverback Gorilla Shows Off Strength In Front Of Zoo Visitors

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsImagine going to the ZOO to visit all those exotic animals, only to have a 375 pound male gorilla lunge at you in his enclosure! That is what Kijito, the oldest silverback male at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha did, repeatedly - we might add - at the visitors in the gorilla enclosure. He sure likes to show that he is the alpha!

Glass or not, that thing is scary! The man in the video doesn’t seem fazed at all by what the huge mammal is trying to achieve, but Kijito sure seems confused that he can’t reach his distant cousin on the other side.

According to the ZOO’s CEO and executive director, the visitors aren’t doing anything to provoke the gorillas. “It’s just what male gorillas do. They just exude that dominance and they want to show that any way they can, and they make a lot of noise doing it."

The clip shows the man looking at the male, as he is deep in thought, when suddenly the gorilla jumps at the glass and smacks himself senseless. Apparently, this is not unusual behavior for Kijito - about a year ago, the dude managed to slam himself so hard against a window, the glass pane cracked, but luckily didn't shatter. No one was injured.


  • Bronco4x3, 2 years ago

    Yeah it's funny till the glass cracks like at the one zoo when the silverback ran into it.

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    • AmandaBriggs, 1 year ago

      Same zoo...same gorilla... there is now electrical wire up so he can't access the windows as easily

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  • tinker73, 2 years ago

    Add a comment...Not funny at all! He wants out of there. He doesn't like the humans being there nor does he like to stuck in an area were he can't be free. This is so sad and the women laughing doesn't know anything about how is reacting. Dumbass people!

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  • Liessi, 2 years ago

    What a couple of asshats! Taunting an imprisoned gorilla (who is probably more sentient and intelligent than they are) so they can take videos for their amusement is the furthest thing from funny i can imagine. People like this are garbage.

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  • Porche27, 1 year ago

    But the man isn't doing the damn thing nothing he'll he just looking in the fuvking glass . The got damn gorilla just acting as it act hell .. people make shit out of nothing how is the people in the video unintelligent are stupid bcus it's funny to them🙄 Wow so if something amuses you that makes u unintelligent tf out of here.. those people done nothing to make the gorilla act like it did

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    • Demonjunkie, 1 year ago

      If u watch the video closer he is deliberately staring down the if u read up on male sivlerback gorillas then u will realize why the gorilla charged the glass! Should probably pay more attention before making comments.

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  • FatfellarRoffey, 1 year ago

    It's a shame that these animals aren't allowed to roam the planet freely, like the other animals of the planet (I.E. humans). we humans have made some terrible mistakes and its the future human race and wild animals that are all paying for it, the societies have broken down to such a mess! these animals should be freer than this! we made it illegal to kidnap human yet other animals is fine? that makes no sense!

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  • vernsdad, 1 year ago

    Distant cousin, you have got to be kidding!!??!!??

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  • I love going to zoos and taunting these evolutionary retards. We are humans and we are superior and hold domination over their species. It gives me shits and giggles to take advantage of it and go to the zoo to taunt the local gorilla. I especially like when it's quite and no one else is around because you make aggravating gestures towards the gorilla which pisses them off beyond belief and not get bitched at by hypocrites. Another funny thing to do, is take a laser pointer, like a really strong one and if there's a female with young, you can REALLY piss off the gorilla. Just shine the laser in the youngsters eyes for a while until the youngster gets agitated, the mother gorilla gets worried for the youngsters health, then she starts flipping shit, which gets the male or silverback worried and defensive, then when they're panicking and freaking out over a laser (lol) you just shine it in the male's eyes and he'll see that it's you doing it, that's when he starts charging and I slip behind the wall, just to pop up at another window and hit him in the eyes again, causing him to get even more pissed off. It's funny really. One time I took some crystal meth and snuck it in a banana, you aren't supposed to feed them but I did anyways, drugged a male with meth, came back a half hour later and he's flipping shit hauling ass in circles around the enclosure, and everytime any other gorilla tried to get him to calm down or see what was wrong, he'd flip shit and slam into them as he swung by. Shit was hilarious as fuck! Goddamn it's good to be human!!!!!! Anyone who hates humans can do a favor for the species and kill yourself for treason to your kind, or I'd be more than happy to help you with that if you're too pussy.

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  • LucianHodoboc, 1 year ago

    The gorilla doesn't seem very happy. Maybe they're not feeding it correctly or enough.

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  • JSimpson88, 1 year ago

    Like most primates (including humans), an unblinking stare directly into the eyes is a challenge, a statement that you are a healthy individual and you are challenging the other for their position in the troop.

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