Russian Fishermen Accidentally Caught Large Sea Lion In A Fishing Net

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Published: September 17, 2015Updated: April 5, 2016

A large sea lion which was accidentally caught by Russian fishermen is a sight to behold. Many fishermen happens to catch things other than the fish they were after. But not in the wildest dreams the thing they thought they would possibly catch could be a huge sea lion. Well, that is exactly what happened on a Russian fishing vessel. When the fishermen pulled up the net, they found a sea lion caught inside by chance. The sea lion didn’t appear to be angry or scared, it just looked very surprised and out of place. One moment it was hunting for fish and the next one he found himself stuck on a huge ship surrounded by human beings.

This amazing footage shows the brave trawlermen cutting the huge seal free from their nets after it got tangled by accident. A group of Russian fishermen thought they had reeled in the catch of their lives when they hauled in this bulging net of fish. But, as this video shows, hiding among the fish was a hungry sea lion who had got himself caught up in the net as he hunted his dinner. The unusual footage shows the Russian crew using a crane to pull up the weighty net, which appears to be full to the brim with fish. The fishermen are heard laughing and seem to know something is not quite right, but continue to open the orange net as normal. But as it is lifted up, a huge sea lion emerges - with the surprised animal looking rather confused about its whereabouts. Once the giant sea lion has freed himself from the net he decides he doesn't want to go anywhere. The fishermen have to resort to blasting the beast with hoses to try and usher it from the boat.

The fishermen grab a hose and gently spray the mammoth creature in the face with water in an attempt to force it off the boat, but it does not seem bothered and continues to sit among the fish. The disorientated sea lion turns away from the fishermen and peers off to sea, apparently working out how to get off the boat. Moments later, the sea lion decides enough is enough and flops off the ship, making a big splash as he enters the sea. The boat's crew remain remarkably calm during the entire incident, suggesting that it might not be the first time they have caught a sea lion in their net. We are just glad they were able to get him back into the water safely and nobody was injured.

Sea Lions are considered to be highly intelligent animals. They have been used to teach tricks to for entertainment. They have also been trained to help the United States Navy with their in water needs. For the most part they are considered to be very timid but there have been some reports of aggressive attacks on humans. The males are extremely aggressive when it comes to earning the right to mate with females. The future is unsure for many species of Sea Lions. Years of them being destroyed by humans has really taken a toll on them. Environmental concerns continue to cause problems for them in their natural habitats as well. The fact that humans are also taking control over the waters where they once lived in peace is a huge concern. Even with conservation efforts in place there is still a great deal of work to be done if these animals are going to survive.

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