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Published: April 5, 2016

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General Tips and Tricks

Boss Animations

Lets start with the technical stuff. You can actually turn off boss animations. While it is cool to see it when you first encounter the boss, after a few dozen times, it gets old fast.

Click on your account on the top left side of your game. Head over to options and choose to switch off boss animations. Voilà! No more skipping boss sequences!

Picking Up Your Monsters

You can actually pick up your monster and put them where you desire by zooming in and tapping it to hold the monster. Then you drag it to where you want it to be!

Don’t Neglect Your 2 to 3 Star Monsters!

A lot of people when they start the game, often think that the natural 2 star monsters are mostly useless and way less valuable than, say, the natural 4 or 5 star monsters. This is not always the case! Here are a few examples of 2 star monsters (there are way more) you should keep and use!

Wind Warbear (Ramagos) – This bear, when awakened, can solo dungeons for you and train your fodder units. It can also carry hard in the arena. The 3rd skill Clean Shot can deal tons of damage. Rune him well with full HP% runes and you will have a good unit that will help you get the stronger monsters!

Water Garuda (Konamiya) – The ability to make an ally get another turn + attack buff makes him a good support. He can also cleanse your whole team + stun an enemy.

Water Howl (Lulu) – She can dispel harmful effects and group heal. One of the best 2 star healers!

Wind Pixie (Shannon) – Her attack and defense buff is very valuable in Cairos Dungeons!

Fire Harpu (Colleen) – Her attack buff is 3 turns and almost permanent when max skilled. Use her as your starter healer. She can also reduce the attack power of boss monsters, which is super useful.

Wind Griffon (Bernard) – The attack and defense debuff + speed and attack bar increase is too good to pass up. He is a great addition to the team.

Water Magic Knight(Lapis) – The first good water monster you will get after completing Mt. Siz normal. She is your to go monster for farming Faimon normal and hard without having to invest in other monsters like Raoq.

I can go on and on with the list, but the point is that you make sure to read their skills and see what they do! Often times they are useful and will help you out!

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