Precious Inseparable Twins Can't Sleep Apart

Published April 5, 2016 309,731 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsModern technology lets us keep a close eye on our most beloved ones, our children. Nightcams are very handy when it comes to babies, especially when they grow up a bit and become more mobile. That way the parents can instantly know if their kid is sleeping tight or is up to some mischief.

This particular nightcam footage was captured by a loving dad and it stars his two twin children who apparently can't seem to sleep without each other. Even though they each have their own spacious crib, the adventurous twin makes a break for it and crawls into her sister's crib after she thinks dad has gone off to bed.

She even takes her pillow with her and prepares for a full night of hanging out and laughing with her sister, but what she doesn't know is that soon they will be busted. After the dad sees the footage, he "crashes" their party and turns on the lights, only to find the two adorable sisters chilling in the same crib.

"I thought I said night-night", says the dad, and the sisters play naive and greet him with a smile and a "hello". They surely didn't expect to be caught and thought that their adventure will go unseen into the night. Better luck next time, girls!