Scottie Pippen Says '95-'96 Bulls Would Sweep the Warriors, Stephen Curry Wouldn't Score 20

TheFumble Published April 4, 2016

Rumble / Entertainment LifeAs the Golden State Warriors close in on the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record for wins in an NBA season, one of those mythical Bulls, Scottie Pippen, thinks there's no comparing the two teams. "Bulls in four (games)," Pippen told Paul Pabst of The Dan Patrick Show when asked who'd win in a seven-game series. As for matchups, Pippen, who was named to an NBA All-Defensive team 10 times, said he'd put Michael Jordan on Klay Thompson so he could handle Stephen Curry. I think that my size and length would bother him a little bit,” Pippen said of the reigning MVP.


  • Sebastian33, 3 years ago

    Well I think we all can agree that bulls would sweep warriors

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