Clever Baby Comes Up With A Brainchild Idea For How To Get Down The Bed

ViralHogPublished: September 27, 2015Updated: April 5, 2016880 plays$1.88 earned
Published: September 27, 2015Updated: April 5, 2016

This is the adorable moment when a little baby comes up with a genius idea for how to climb down the high bed. Apparently, the mastermind of this young boy worked up its magic and gave him an idea we will never forget! Watch and be amazed!

In this clip, filmed on September 22, 2015 in Sacramento, CA, we see a baby boy struggling on the high king bed, trying to find a good way to get down on the floor. The adorable boy tries to reach the floor with one of his legs, but soon realizes that the bed is too high and he might stumble and get hurt in the process. Too bad!

However, this fact didn’t discouraged the genius boy as he had a plan B up his onesies sleeve. Watch and be amazed as this tiny boy comes up with the best plan ever! Fortunately, his parents hit the record button at the right time, and caught his masterplan on camera.

When parents hit record, they didn’t know what their son was doing and almost went to catch him when he grabbed the first pillow, but hopefully they let him continue with his mission and were amazed that he knew what to do next! Wow! What a bright child this is!

Watch as the smart baby struggles to get down the bed, but soon realizes that it is too high so he throws down pillows for a safe landing on the floor! Have you ever considered this idea growing up! We remember us gaining bruises from hard landing on the floor, but this child sure saved us the trouble and gave us a wonderful idea to amortize the fall! What a brainchild idea!

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