Package Thief Gets A Taste of His Own Medicine

Published September 28, 2015 90,162 Plays $292.27 earned

Rumble Date: 9/25/15 Info From Licensor: "Bad guy runs up to my front porch to steal my package. We see him out the front window. I ran out and chased him back to his car and he tosses the package back into my yard. I tried to keep him from driving off and see the female passengers purse in the car so I reached in and grabbed it for their ID. I then called the police and within a day the bad guy gets arrested."


  • Daniel, 2 years ago

    As homeowners try and teach those to leave property alone that isn't theirs not before a package was left within plain sight as those swipe the package get a taste of their own medicine after the package contained a motion sensor which triggered a sac containing fetid fluid to go off as it was like rousing a skunk to get sprayed.

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