Funny Doctor Patient Halloween Costume

ViralHogPublished: September 28, 2015Updated: April 4, 2016277 plays$0.56 earned
Published: September 28, 2015Updated: April 4, 2016

Halloween is coming so we have the perfect costume outfit for you. Actually it is two for the price of one or it is two in one for the same price.
It is hilarious to see this adult man wear his Halloween costume. At first, it gives a false impression of two guys, one carrying the other, but actually, at second glance we can see that this costume is comprised of two pieces, more precisely, comprised of two people but only one man standing, making that one person take credit for two characters.

Namely, it is the tale of the patient and the doctor. That cliché relationship is best described in this costume. Fun times ahead because it allows numerous interpretations and manipulations.
By flexing the costume, the person inside is able to steer the doctor anywhere the patient wants to go, while acting all drunk, unconscious, senile, dangerous, etc. there is an abundance of options. The sole act of controlling two bodies at once results with hilarious reaction from anyone watching.

Another way to spend Halloween in a "two character one body" costume is this homemade outfit presenting some animal wearing prison clothes and carrying a garbage bit with a person inside. This appears to be very funny since the person cannot stop laughing and is clearly having a great time.

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