Trump Protester Sprayed with Mace

ViralHogPublished: March 30, 2016Updated: March 31, 20161 plays
Published: March 30, 2016Updated: March 31, 2016

Info from Licensor: "I went to the rally to see what he had to say. I stood in line for 4+ hrs just to get 100' from the door and was not let in. So I stood outside waiting to hear from Trump. Early on, this young lady with another friend holding "Black Lives Matter" signs came into the middle of the group right outside the door. She started screaming "Black Lives Matter" and getting into peoples' faces. I quickly realized I wasn't recording and then recorded that first video. She was just protesting and ended up getting out of that elderly gentleman's face. Then she started getting back into it with people right next to me, so at that point, I started to record. That is the video you see. I got some back spray from that. Took 24 hrs for it to get out of my nose. The rest is history." - Derek Hauger

Occurred: March 29, 2016 / Janesville, Wisconsin, USA

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