Man Helps Injured Dog

Published March 29, 2016 1,425 Plays $2.10 earned

Rumble Info from Licensor: "This dog was hit by car and fell into the fishing pool. A fisherman rescues the dog, and the dog was finally adopted by someone nearby."

Occurred: March 26, 2016 / Chachoengsao, Thailand


  • BeauPeep, 2 years ago

    Damn, that was hard to watch! Even more so when the poor dog started wailing due to pain and fear, oh mann.. However, I want to add that the mentioned "adoption" hasn't made me a believer just yet, cause I strongly doubt that there are... 1: Trained veterinarians in that part of the country. 2: Even if there would be, people there aren't wealthy, usually plain poor and couldn't even pay for any treatment. If you can videotape the 'rescue', why on earth isn't there any material of the dog after his (her) recovery and was taken in by this neighbour?? Even if the dog wasn't adopted and had someone that nursed him back to health, providing comfort, safety, and regular meals, I would've been so relieved and much more able to shake off the images and painful audio; now I just have to make do with someone's footnote. I wish I hadn't seen this upload (and especially wish I hadn't heard the animal's painful distress), cause the said "Happy End" turned out nothing more than an annotation of no value whatsoever, sorry!

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