Hand Riddled With Tiny Holes Reveals A Mysterious Phobia

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Published: April 1, 2016

This picture of a deformed hand has been flying all over the internet. Some sites even claim it's caused by a parasite. What is it really? The truth may surprise you!

A disgusting image of an injured hand has been flooding around the Internet recently. And the headlines that go with it are even more disturbing. What parasite caused this? Do you have this parasite? Are you dying and you don’t even know?

So naturally, we had to figure out the truth! A search on the image reveals that it’s from a YouTube video called Trypophobia hand tutorial from Queenkindsfs in which they show customers how to make bubbly skin for themselves, but because this sort of hole in the skin thing freaks people out, some people have photoshopped holes into other stuff! Like fluffy kitties, or hairy shoulders, but is this a parasite? No, it is not!

However, Trypophobia is real! It is a fear of small holes! The fear usually stands for objects in nature like in a honeycomb or a beautiful lotus flower. But it is not the holes themselves that are the problem! Researchers Geoff Cole and Arnold Wilkins of the Center for Brain Science at the University of Essex concluded that our brains associate the holes with danger. It is still being studied what kind of danger this fear may apply to!

Clearly this photoshopped images are adding to the hysteria! Do you think you might have this phobia, or you are fine staring at tiny holes? Watch this video and find out for yourselves!

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