Little Girl Won't Let Her Audience See Her Angry

ViralHogPublished: October 4, 2015Updated: March 30, 20167,842 plays$17.86 earned
Published: October 4, 2015Updated: March 30, 2016

It has been known to happen - something ruins our fabulous mood and we feel like we the world is at it’s end. But a photo opportunity presents itself and we can’t just let that selfie show our sour side, so we fake it on the spot!

This little girl from Andalusia, Spain, is a master at posing in front of the camera, despite her obvious <a href="" target="_blank">grumpy</a> mood, and her parents we abler to get the whole thing on camera! She looks like she is about to throw a massive fit, but as soon as she lays eyes on the camera, it is show time!

Posing for a photo might not be in her <a href="" target="_blank">meltdown</a> plan, but the brave diva sucks it up and strikes the most convincing Hollywood-style pose for dad’s camera. Both mom and dad can't help but to crack up! Fortunately for the rest of us, we get to see her hysterical split-second change of emotions over and over again!

Do you know anyone who can put a smile on despite how mad they are on the inside? Share this video with them after taking a peek for yourself. You can't help but to giggle along with her parents!

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