Little Girl Sees Dad Without Beard For The First Time

Published March 30, 2016 86,874 Views

It can be quite a jarring to see an old friend with a new hairstyle or other drastic change to their appearance. Well this cute little girl just saw her dad for the very first time with his beard shaved off and is very confused as to what has happened to her dear old dad! You won't want to miss this adorable little girl's reaction to seeing her dad beardless! This is one moment that this little girl, along with the internet, will remember for a long time!

This is so adorable! The way she looked when she saw her dad without a beard looked so sad! As soon as she removed the close from his face, she looked shocked and then immediately regretted her decision to remove that cloth! The way she went to her dad for that hug after was absolutely adorable. Talk about cuteness over load!

Overall this man looked pretty good with a beard on and it seems his daughter thinks that too! This man does not look too bad without a beard either, but his daughter thinks otherwise! He got a clean shave so fast and in such a short period of time! If he ever decides to grow a beard again, and shave it for a new kid to get traumatized at, he could always use some of the best men's razor blades from Amazon!

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