Amazing Video Shows Captive Arctic Wolves Howl In Choir

Published March 1, 2016 35,376 Plays $63.96 earned

Rumble This incredible video was shot in 'Wolfspark Werner Freund' where visitors can see different wolf packs (Arctic, European Grey, and Timber wolves) and listen to the pack's howl in chorus.

The city of Merzig in Germany is also known by the name “City of Wolves" thanks to an exceptional man, animal researcher and behavioural scientist Werner Freund. He started and runs the Wolfspark Werner Freund, which is home to twenty captive wolves. Werner loves wolves and has hand-raised over 70 wolf pups.

In an unprecedented experiment he took up habitation with wolves and lived with these wild animals as a “wolf among wolves" for more than 30 years. He shared their daily routine and raised each and every one of the wolves by his own hand. This way, he gained the trust of the different wolf packs. In this particular case, it was not the animal that had to adapt to its master’s behaviour, as is common for dogs, but it was Werner Freund who analysed the social structures within the packs and learned to understand them in long-lasting field studies.

One misconception is wolves are people aggressive. Wild wolves are shy and rarely aggressive towards people. Dogs are another story. Since dogs have lost their fear of humans and some dog species have high prey drives, a combination that gets them in trouble. Dogs kill twenty people a year and bite another 4.5 million. (source: HowlingForJustice)