Motorcyclist avoids extremely close call on New Zealand highway

Published March 22, 2016 238,097 Views

Rumble / Close CallsTalk about having a close call! This video will surely make your heart leap a little. In this clip, a motorcycle rider experiences an extremely close call while cruising along Lake Tekapo in New Zealand . He nearly collides with a car coming at him in the opposite direction! The car was even driving in the wrong lane! You cannot help but to watch and re-watch this video, analyzing the clip to see how close he was to hitting that car. Luckily no one was hurt in the end! This is one clip that you do not want to miss!

That was extremely close call! It didn't look like the driver of the car knew which lane to be on. Can anyone explain why this car is coming right at him in the wrong lane? There aren't any other vehicles on the road! Either way, when riding things like a motorcycle you should always be aware and careful!

Good thing it looked like this motorcycle driver was properly prepared with good motorcyle gear because if they had collided, the gear is what would save his life!

This was one scary moment.


  • JenniferLoni, 3 years ago

    Tourist some times forget definitely when they haven't seen any other cars in awhile.

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  • Pffffft, 4 years ago

    The car is on the wrong side of the road because it was a tourist driver and we drive on the left in New Zealand, while the majority of tourists to the country drive on the right side of the road.

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