[USA] Jeep guy almost hits kid in crosswalk and loses his mind.

ViralHogPublished: October 11, 2015Updated: March 21, 20163,501 plays$5.51 earned
Published: October 11, 2015Updated: March 21, 2016

Description: Guy goes overboard on kid in crosswalk after almost being hit.
Location: Intersection of Cascades Pky and Algonkian pky Sterling ,VA
Occurrence Date: 10/01/2015

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      BroncoBob ยท 2 years ago

      From what I've observed in the video, I didn't see the kid walk in front of the jeep owner/driver, he is doing a little bit of "over reacting", the jeep owner shouldn't be yelling and threatening the kid. The motorcycle rider might be doing the right thing by stepping in and keeping the driver off the pedestrian too but, if this kid was crossing the intersection against the light he is at fault. I was raised to keep out of the street when there's traffic of any type, it really is common sense, I taught my sons the same. Kids today, actually, the majority of pedestrians seem to act like "Go ahead, hit me, I dare you"! there seems to be no concern about getting hit by a car, they can be killed if not critically injured. Overall, I'm siding with the Jeep owner/driver, I'd be pissed too.