Dog Exactly Knows What To Fetch For Owner When Asked To

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Published: October 15, 2015Updated: March 21, 2016

Baron is a 1 year old German shepherd and he isn’t like most dogs, instead of playing fetch with a ball, digging in the yard and rummaging through the trash, and getting usual kinds of treats, Baron dusts, cleans the dishes, does the laundry and every other house chore you can imagine. He takes his housework tasks very seriously and he loves to work. However, he also has one thing he loves doing, when of course, he isn’t busy with running the house, that is getting beers for his humans. Just the sound of it is impressive and yet when you hit the play button of this video you wouldn’t believe your eyes.

Baron has his quarks and that is expected of dogs but you can never imagine what is his deepest wish and by the end of the video you can never see it coming. It is hard to believe, but the footage is just a proof that Baron is the most amazing animal ever. Since Baron is a well-educated boy and a very diligent one, he has learned to respect his human and to cater to her needs, so whenever his human has a tough day, he simply knows how to lift the people he loves out of the dumps. Baron’s mom has had a difficult day, she just wants to sit and relax and does nothing more than that, which is perfect if you have somebody at home to run your errands. Obviously, she is one happy mommy to have Baron in her life.

Picture this: you've had a long day and you just want to sit on the porch with a beer and put your feet up. You sit down, put your feet up, and...oh no! The beer! Believe it or not, that's where Baron comes in. This hilarious dog has learned all sorts of tricks to entertain and please, and fetching a cold one after a long day happens to be one of them.

When Baron’s mom tells her little helper that she had a long day, Baron doesn’t hesitate for a moment and quickly jumps to his feet from relaxing on the porch and rushes inside. He is inside in a fraction of a second before he comes outside with a surprise in his mouth - a cold beer in a bottle! Baron gives the refreshing beverage to his mom and what comes next will leave you with your jaw dropped - he does something you could never imagine in your wildest imagination. He walks over to his water bowl, picks it up and brings it to his mom’s lap. Clearly someone had a long day too! He just wants to share but oh Baron, beer isn’t for dogs !

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