Precious Moment When A 3-Week-Old Piglet Lovingly Embraces A Deaf Bulldog

Published March 20, 2016 84,273 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsOwning a Bulldog is the cutest thing on earth. Having a deaf dog is challenging, yet rewarding. As humans, we are used to commanding dogs verbally, however, things are a lot of difference when your dog is deaf. In the following video, you can see one deaf bulldog that is fast turning into an Internet sensation, and, like all stars, this celebrity gets his own personal assistant to groom his wrinkly coat. The species, of the assistant, however unlikely, is so cute you really want to take a break and watch this video!

Lady is s young bulldog who has lost her hearing, but that will never come as a barer to meeting new friends. An absolutely breathtaking moment occurs when a 3-week-old piglet lovingly embraces Lady the Bulldog. These two are definitely destined to be best friends! Look how the cute little piglet is grooming the bulldog’s face! Hundreds of soft pink pampering kisses per second fall on the wet snout of the bulldog. Lady is even shifting her head position millimeter by millimeter as id to expose all the right spots. Simply adorable!

You might not own a pig yourself or know someone who does, but we are sure that you’ve probably heard about people owning pet pigs. Teacup piglets have become one of the world’s most popular pets within the last decade. And they will amaze you with their intelligence and resourcefulness. And the love they are capable of giving, a least judging from the video above.

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