The Most Amazing Kitten Rescue Ever!

Published October 20, 2015 47 Plays $0.09 earned

Rumble Occurrence Date: October 13, 2015 Info From Licensor: "My son Ben thought he could hear a cat crying. On investigation we found a young feral cat stuck in a neighbours deep water deposit sat in cold water and unable to get out. We tied a couple of dog leads together so Ben could scale down the sides, but had to take one of the other dog as he still couldn't reach the cat. He tried to pick her up but she was quite wild. He also spotted a snake in the water, which he grabbed and threw up out of the water. Finally the cat managed to hang onto an old cactus branch and he pushed it up the sides to my other son Nick, who then wrapped her in a towel. We kept her in a cat box over night in the green house after giving her some milk. She was fine, just tired, cold and very wet."