Rehabbed Deer Can't Stay Away From The Man Who Saved Her Life

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A hungry and dehydrated baby deer was found standing over her mother, which had been hit and killed by a car.For the next five months, a man rehabbed the deer. He fed the deer five times a day with a bottle until she was healthy enough to run around on her own. After one month the fawn was released, and she still comes back to hang out with the man who rehabbed her. It is so adorable!

Steven, the man who nursed the fawn back to health, told that the fawn had been back a few times. Usually, when she comes back, she wants a bottle or just wants to play. This video occurred on November 3th, 2015, and the baby fawn was very cheerful, she acts like a real dog. She comes to Steven and likes to be petted on the head; she seems to be enjoying her little play time.

She has been domesticated and feels so relaxed when in the company of her new human friend. Steven says that he had rehabbed many deer over the years and a lot of them continue to come to him. What a joyous moment to experience! It is always satisfying to watch videos of animals that get nursed back to health. Watch this deer go, she is messing around and wants to be chased; she is so lucky!

Nature is a beautiful and wonderful thing. It is my firm opinion that we city folk don’t spend enough time communing with nature. There is so much that should be appreciated. The environment is a beautiful home to a lot of lovely creatures from beavers to colorful insects to deer. There’s no animal as majestic as the deer! Some people even have deer in the backyards as pets! They are cute and calm and so beautiful!

It is imperative for us people to save animals. Because every animal has a role in the ecosystem and they too deserve to live a life that they deserve. Animals are beautiful, wise, inspiring creatures and we should always protect them. They are the most precious thing on Earth who know only about harmony.

The happiness of this deer makes us even happier. Such a glorious moment for this deer, for its family that will finally be together with their baby, and for us, for being part of this fantastic video that melts our hearts!

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