Emotional Father Bursts Into Tears After Son Asks Him To Be His Best Man

Published March 16, 2016 104,554 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleNowadays when a couple plans on getting married, a lot of people have found cute and clever ways to ask their close friends and family members to be their best man/maid of honor. Well this man just found the perfect way to ask his dad to be his best man, and the father's reaction is so precious it just might move you to tears.

Footage shows the adorable moment when one unsuspecting father receives the best birthday present ever. In this clip we see an elderly man unwrapping his birthday present, unaware that he is up for a big surprise! Little did this loving father know that his son was about to ask him to be his best man!

After the initial unwrapping of paper, the dad pulls out a wooden beer holder with a written message all over it! He starts reading “I moustache you to be..” he mumbles and babble his way through the message, until he gets to the part we have all been waiting for, and that is “Will you be my best man?”.

Immediately after reading the message and realizing what just happened, the man bursts into tears of joy! His heartwarming reaction has made our day!

The son is seen approaching the teary father and giving him one big, warm hug to complete the best man proposal! What a loving way to pop the best-man question to your parent! Is there a another person that can better cope with the role of a best man than a father could? We don’t think so!