Squirrel Decides To Store Nuts Inside Man's Jacket

Published March 14, 2016 1,290,109 Views

What a funny video! This extremely friendly and playful squirrel loves to meet new people, it also looks like it has found a nice warm place to store its food, in this mans jacket! After this kind man and little girl give the squirrel some nuts to eat, the squirrel climbs onto the back of this father and buries the snacks down the back of his neck, so funny! What a perfect spot, no one is going to find them there! After the funny squirrel places the nuts in his jacket, he tries to go back for more nuts! Silly squirrel, you already have nuts stored in a mans jacket, eat those first!

It looks like it's a bit of a struggle trying to get those nuts out of his jacket, the squirrel did a very good job hiding them! I don't think this man is going to be by this tree all day, maybe the squirrel should have picked a different hiding spot! Being the kind man that he is, i'm sure he will leave them for the squirrel so it can finish them later. What a priceless moment.

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