Cat Helps A Puppy Escape From Its Pen In Order To Play With It

8 years ago

Pet owners prepare to laugh and have your heart melt! Maddie the Chihuahua is scared of her own shadow and will not try to escape from her pen on her own, but as we are about to find out she has some help with that. Rudy, an 11-month-old kitten, has become very attached to Maddie and the two are now the best of friends. Watch what happens when their owner pretends to close the bedroom door... It's Rudy to the rescue as he helps his canine friend escape from the pen!

Isn't this video just hilarious and precious? Cats and dogs a known for not liking each other but this video completely shatters that stereotype! Watching these two work together is hilarious and inspiring as friendship conquers all! These two will surely be friends for a long time to come!

Aren't these two just adorable? They probably have a whole lot of fun together! Surely they even share their pet toys together. They really are a hilarious duo!

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