Sleepy Cat Whispers Sweet Words Of Love In Response To Her Owner

SimplecareProductsPublished: March 13, 2016Updated: March 14, 201689,597 views
Published: March 13, 2016Updated: March 14, 2016

Have you ever heard of a cat that can talk? Well, here is your chance to meet one. Just check out this video and see it for yourself. This cute little cat has just awoken from her nap. Still sleepy-eyed, she whispers sweetly in reply to her owner. Such sweetness!

The human gently approaches the waking kitty. She must have waited for her cat to wake up for a long time because the moment this dreamy feline opens her eyes the owner immediately starts to chit-chat. But, unlike some representatives of the species who would turn their nose to such distraction from a mere human, the star in our video does not hesitate to reply immediately, whispering soft words of love to her owner. And by words we mean this cute and bubbly make-believe sounds in response. Who wouldn’t want such a cat in their home? This chatty ball of fur is not only full of love but is also unbelievably chatty! A real morning person! Now, the only thing we wish we had after looking at this video is a futuristic gadget that would interpret this amazing conversation.

Do you love cats as much as we do? If you are a cat lover, do send us stories and videos of cute, funny and amazing things your beloved balls of fur do around the house. We are waiting for you!

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