Fearless diver explores dangerous underwater cave

Published March 11, 2016 876 Plays $2.37 earned

Rumble / Ocean LifeGopro cameras are all the rage nowadays, and it's no wonder – because of their awesome filming capabilities the internet is swarmed with videos from all kinds of activities – from the mundane mountain walks that thanks to this camera look surreal, to adventurous and breath-taking underwater cave diving.

Here we see a diver that mounted a GoPro to a broken fishing pole with some bamboo in order to capture a breathtaking clip as he swims beneath an underwater cave in only one breath! Would you ever try something like this? His adventurous spirit Is something we admire, although these kinds of videos should be made with extreme precaution. He must be very experienced and clearly knows what he's doing, but this kind of stuff isn't recommended for amateur.

He gives us a quick glimpse of the vivid underwater world in Laguna Beach, from corals to sea weed, and it all looks incredible. Just nature in all her glory.

Filmed in Laguna Beach, California, a place that is known for a mild year-round climate, scenic coves, environmental preservation, and artist community. And now, for the amazing GoPro underwater videos of it's scenic ocean life. The coolest thing ever!