Dog Wins Halloween Night With Its Unique Costume

Published November 23, 2015 116 Plays $0.33 earned

Rumble There is not a human being on this planet that doesn’t love October 31. It is the day when we get to be something other than ourselves, even if it is just for one night. Some people are planning their Halloween costumes since November 1, in an effort to achieve the WOW factor in everyone they come across on the street.

Then, there are people who include their pets in the masked frenzy that happens on All Hallows Eve. Some do it simple, using some paint to disguise their pets. Others go all out, creating <a href="" target="_blank">homemade costumes</a> to transform their dogs into other animals.

That’s all cute, but we have not seen a pet Halloween costume that achieves the WOW factor like the one this pooch is sporting. The people in the town of Pentaluma in California got to see the ultimate illusion costume on an Apricot Poodle, dressed as two pilgrims carrying a huge pumpkin!

It might even be the best outfit for Thanksgiving, but when pedestrians saw the Poodle sitting on its butt with it’s body dressed as a pumpkin, they couldn’t pass it by. A woman is sitting next to it and couldn’t get her hands off the adorable pooch, but just as soon as she lets her go, we get to see the real action.

The doggie runs from person to person, showing the ingenuity of whoever designed this suit. It actually looks like a tiny human and a dog-human hybrid are in the rush to get that pumpkin to be carved right away! Hilarious!