Dont drink and jump

ViralHogPublished: November 22, 2015Updated: May 2, 201838 views
Published: November 22, 2015Updated: May 2, 2018

Occurred November 22nd, 2015
Description Info from Licensor: "It was mid November and my friend, his girlfriend and myself went down to the river to spend the day, build a fire and get boozed. After our day was over we were making our way back to our vehicles and we hit a little stream that we had to jump over to make it back... My friend and myself made the jump with ease, however, his 5ft tall girlfriend began getting nervous about making the jump herself. This was when I decided to pull out my phone for a little recording session... Turning up the volume on the video you will be able to hear how she has her camera and cell phone in her pocket and that she wasn't going to fall on her butt. She was right on the money, she didn't fall on her butt, instead she tripped through the stream past the 'landing' spot and into a 5 foot pool of freezing river water. Luckily I got it all on video, she didn't realize I was recording until she crawled out of the water and saw me jamming my phone in her face recording her."- Aaron Sumii

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