Officer-Involved Shooting Downtown Atlanta

Published December 2, 2015 1 Plays

Rumble Info From Licensor: "I was downtown with a friend last night and saw 10+ APD cruisers pass by and noticed they were headed toward a building only a block or two away. Being the LiveLurker that I am I figured I'd follow behind. I parked across the street and pulled out my phone, made sure to hold it horizontally and hit record. I uploaded an 11 second clip on Twitter and was contacted by dozens of reporters from local and national news stations. I did two interviews with local stations. They wanted the full video but I wanted to save it for LiveLeak. Here you go.

Not much to be seen but you can see SWAT running toward the gunman and hear the shots fired while the person in the car with me was begging to leave. We saw the perp go down but unfortunately I had stopped recording by then. I'm going to check my dashcam footage soon and see what I captured on that camera."
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occurrence Date: November 30, 2015