Shelby GT500 crashes into Brand New Truck

Published November 27, 2015 14,260 Plays $44.17 earned

Rumble Occurred November 14th, 2015
This video shows a high horsepower Shelby Mustang GT500 losing control at a car show. The car turns sideways and hits a brand new Ram 1500 truck in the rear, crosses a grassy area, and hits a New Edge Mustang GT. The owner/driver of the GT500 went to the local hospital by ambulance. NONE of the airbags deployed.


  • Superdriver, 2 years ago

    Dumbass rookie at the wheel.

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  • Branded969, 2 years ago

    That is what happens when an IDIOT buys a car he can't control, because he's TOO STUPID! He should lose his license for about a year! Semper Fi.

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  • BroncoBob, 2 years ago

    These shelbys are starting to turn out like the Corvettes, the guys buy 'em, and as soon as they get behind the wheel they turn into Jeff Gordon. Wrong.

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  • DaveK, 1 year ago

    AHHH, Stupidity shows it self again.. I understand the person is going to buy a Tesla now, as he showed his inability to read the Owners manual instructions and drivers Law, on what not to do...

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