Sweet Kitten Helps Big Dog Keep Track Of His Meals

Published March 10, 2016 149,421 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIt is silly when you think about it, but it is one of the harshest truths of today. People aren’t the only ones who suffer from weight problems, dogs do too! With so many overweight pups out there, companies have made their best effort to provide dog owners with the best solution to keep track of their pet’s food intake. If only they knew that all they had to do is get a kitty like this one!

“Here yah go, big guy. Make sure you chew nice and slow!”

Oliver the orange tabby is being a good pal to Hershey the dog, by taking on the role of a doggy nutritionist! Hershey doesn’t look like he needs any calorie counting, but the kitten is determined to get the dog to his top shape! How does he do that? Simple - Oliver gets one piece of kibble at a time from the dog’s food bowl, gives it a few swirls, then tosses it over to the big guy. This way he makes sure that the kibble is of perfect quality for his bud. Or at least, that is what this looks like!

To be honest, this looks like the perfect method to help a gluttonous dog from overeating. It can teach a pup patience and good manners, not to mention keeping the pooch looking sharp and healthy!

On the other hand, it even looks like Hershey is teaching Oliver the virtue of sharing! The kitten is very young and in a family with so many siblings, a kitten can feel like his kibble is threatened. But in this household, everybody is getting their fair share!