Matt Blank Skydiving Footage

ViralHogPublished: November 11, 2015Updated: March 9, 20161 plays
Published: November 11, 2015Updated: March 9, 2016

Info: GoPro footage captures multiple airborn adventures including base-jumping, sky-diving, wing-suiting, and more. These videos take place all over the world.

Video Descriptions:

"The Streets" - The incredibly talented Matt Blank and friends star in this short film about two notable television characters who leave their daily life behind to find adventures outside of their neighborhood. The video was filmed entirely on GoPro Hero4's.

"Trench Line Kenney" - Wingsuit base jump through the "trench line"

"Mex Crane" - Occurred 2015/ Mexico - TJ Setzer doing a maneuver called a kite under, followed by Matt Blank doing a barrel roll, followed by Dave Shapiro doing a gainer off a 300ft crane in Mexico that's attached to a defunct building. Filmed by Ryan Madsen, Matt Blank and Dave Shapiro.

"Josh Cloudkilling" - Jumping from airplane and wingsuiting through the clouds
"Kuala Lumpur Tower - Quadruple Barrel Roll" - Barrel Roll while base jumping at Kuala Lumpur tower in Malaysia.

"Wingsuit Base Jumping in Switzerland" - Two wingsuit jumpers fly through a waterfall in Switzerland

"C004" - Kuala Lumpur base jump with totem pole. A jumper sits on another jumpers shoulders in Malaysia.

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