Two Strangers Improvise An Incredible Piano Duet At Train Station

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Rumble Commuters at the Austerlitz Train Station in Paris, France had a very unique chance to listen to an impromptu duet performed by two complete strangers on the piano. The Clip, shot on August 17 2013, shows Gerard Pla Daró playing the piano, while his friend was filming him.

The piano is known as 'a vous de jouer' pianos, which translated means 'it's your turn to play.' The train company that runs the station introduced the instrument in 2013, hoping that it would give travellers a chance to play. The song that Gerard is playing and is ultimately completed by the kind musical stranger is called “Una Mattina", by composer Ludovico Einaudi.

The Spaniard took a seat on the piano and started playing the composition, much to the amazement of everyone present, People would gather around him to watch him play, but one traveller took a deeper interest in the pianist. One inquisitive commuter decided that Gerard needed a hand playing the tune, so, without a word spoken between the two, he “offered" to add to the stranger’s performance, which ultimately led to a standing ovation by everyone present.

Gerard’s friends said: "Me and Gerard (one of the pianists) were waiting the train and seeing the piano he decided to play. When he was starting a second song, the other guy joined without saying any word, music was the communication channel. Just now, after a couple of years, the other guy got in touch with us, his name is Zaouche Nassim."


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