Beware Of Microwaved Eggs - Kids, Don't Try This At Home

Published March 9, 2016 25,932 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsCooking is never as easy as it seems so here is one cooking tip that will save you from cleaning up a mess or suffering an injury. Never ever try to cook an egg in the microwave! Of course there is a long and drawn out scientific explanation for why you shouldn't, but it'll be easier just to watch this video and find out why.

This girl is experimenting and wants to see for herself whether eggs explode when heated in the microwave. She puts the egg inside the microwave and waits for it to heat up.

After a while, she takes the egg out of the microwave and tries to crack it open. That's when we hear her scream as the entire egg bursts in white powder all over the room. "OK, so it does explode", concludes the girl covered in egg powder.

It is known that, whether it's boiled or not, the insides of the egg get bigger as they heat up. So, if pressure builds up it goes 'boom'! "

Eggs burst when microwaved on high heat because steam builds up in the yolk and expands beyond the shell's resistance. Whole eggs in the shell should not be microwaved unless with pierced shell that will allow the steam to escape.

Cases of exploding eggs causing trauma to the face, eyelids, and cornea of the eye have been reported, so be careful with your eggs.