Time Lapse Shows Amazing Bedroom Transformation

Published March 9, 2016 272,865 Plays

Rumble / Time LapsesThe kids have been asking for bunk beds for a long time now, so their dad decided to design and build the beds at home. This awesome time lapse video shows the process of everyone in the family helping out. The final result will blow your mind!

These three girls have been sleeping together in that tiny room, in beds arranged like LEGO blocks, with practically zero maneuvering or playing space in the room. With some negotiations and plenty of persistence, the three sisters managed to soften daddy up to build them these awesome bunk beds and leave some space to play and move freely!

This crafty dad took just two whole days to turn his 3 daughters’ room into a super-spacey, comfortable mansion, with two bunk beds and a study area. It is good to have a dad that has loads of secret weapons in his tool kit, so that he may be able to grant you wishes like this one!

It is amazing what a few planks and a couple of handfuls of screws can do! After stripping the room of all old beds, the dad brings his materials inside and gets to work. Mom and the girls lend some helping hand every once in awhile, making this an awesome team effort and great <a href="https://rumble.com/v3tk4z-father-and-son-bonding.html" target="_blank">bonding time</a> for the family of five.

A few screws in both side walls prop the beds upright, where the two younger girls get to sleep on the twin bunk, while the older one gets to sleep on her own platform, with a small desk underneath.

After some quality assurance from the ladies, their new bedroom is ready to take off! Awesome!


  • Shmulda, 3 years ago

    Hi Y'all... So kids already got used to their new beds... What should be the next project? I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions, I promise to try and post it too.

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