Great Dane Is Scared To Death Of Tiny Chihuahua

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Published: March 8, 2016

Watch this incredible video where you are about to see the most feared Chihuahua in the neighborhood. Everyone trembles in his path and the funniest thing is that he doesn't need to be big, nor bite anyone, only his barks serve to drive away even the biggest dog. Hilarious!

Does size matter? We can see that it doesn't! Although this Great Dane is many times bigger than this small Chihuahua, he thinks it’s scary. You have to see the frightened face of the "imposing" Great Dane , maybe from now on they will only call him "Dane" because the word "Great" is getting a little big. This scene is really very funny, because we would never imagine that dog this big could be so scared, except for a creature as small as this Chihuahua, which although has a strong bark, he is one of the smallest dogs that exist. The Chihuahuas are seen as the most helpless and vulnerable dogs there are, although some have a great character. Before watching this video, we believed that these type of dogs were indeed helpless. But seeing the video changed our mind and now we can see that this dog has a new, more courageous side in him, who with a powerful barking, can even dominate a mastodon.

In a cozy family reunion, some members decided to gather their beautiful dogs, to see what would be their reaction to meet other dogs. The surprise was great, when the largest of the three dogs that were in the middle of the room, was quite scared by a small Chihuahua, and this just had to be filmed and posted. This moment had to be captured, because it is not every day that get to see a Chihuahua trying to dominate the world. In addition to being scared and moving further and further away from the Chihuahua, the Great Dane was still afraid and he also climbed on top of his owner, who was sitting in the armchair, contemplating the painful scene of his pet. The fact that the dog ended up riding on top of its owner to seek protection, was the spark that triggered the people present to end up laughing out loud. Very funny!

Although there is another dog of medium size, he still looks a little tormented by the Chihuahua, but at least this hairy puppy keeps the situation under control. He still won’t leave his owner’s spot, having a little courage to face the fierce Chihuahua. The poison comes in small jars and this Chihuahua seems to be just as lethal to his adversaries. His owner must feel like the owner of a small dragon that has all the rudeness and courage accumulated in his small body. Although the pooch doesn't throw fire through his mouth, it has some very powerful barks, capable of stunning the other dogs that try to approach him. Very brave!

Do you have a dog just as brave? You should be very proud because brave dogs often protect themselves and their owners. They will always be there to help you! If you thought the video was a lot of fun, don't hesitate to share it with your friends, you might be the one making them smile. It may be the most adorable part of their day. Enjoy it!

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