This Gate At An Abandoned Mental Hospital Creates Strange Sounds

Published March 8, 2016 802 Plays

Rumble / Supernatural & ParanormalNo matter what they tell you, everybody loves a good scary story. They make us feel alive. Everybody and their momma loves going to buildings and sites that are notorious for being haunted and have the features of a haunted site. The gloominess they posses can be really striking. Stephen Hawking has got nothing on those!

It seems that the buildings of former mental hospitals are everyone’s favorite piece of the haunted cake. People who visit them like to search for proof of a haunting in every nook and cranny, hearing sounds throughout the vintage buildings and reading into them. Moans and screams can be heard far and wide, but who can explain them?

When these folks went to the gates of what was once Northern State Mental Hospital in Washington state, they came across a metal construct that has seen far better days. The entire construction was covered in rust from ages of neglect. But when they flung the gate open, it started creaking, a sound that only belongs in a horror movie. But when you think how it is just rusted metal, without a speck of lubrication in its joints, the sound that comes from the gate is quite logical.

Once the largest facility for mentally ill people in Washington State, Northern State Mental Hospital was a town unto itself. It was established in 1909 when the overcrowded conditions at Western State Hospital came under public criticism and saw its grand opening in 1912.

When the public’s perception of mental hospitals began to change in the 70s, State Legislature cut off funding to Northern State Mental Hospital and it closed down in 1976. Some of its grand buildings have been torn down, with a few remaining for job corps projects and drug rehabilitation.

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  • debdeb, 4 years ago

    There is somebody standing just out of the picture on the right. I think they are making the noise. Still, a creepy sound.

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    • Slaytounge, 4 years ago

      That's just my friend pushing the gate in order for it to make that sound, no trickery involved.

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