Sneaky Massive Wave Catches Wannabe Mermaid By Surprise

ViralHogPublished: March 4, 2016Updated: March 7, 201670,462 plays$87.63 earned
Published: March 4, 2016Updated: March 7, 2016

This is the hilarious moment when a woman poses on a rock, dressed in a white dress before a massive wave washes her off of it, sending her flying into the sea. Perfect shot went wrong!

When Rosangela de Silva was walking down a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil she spotted a nice rock and decided to have her picture taken in a mermaid style. Unaware that her husband was making a video, Rosangela started to pose for her perfect beach photo when her husband started screaming, warning her about the incoming wave, which indeed took her by surprise.

In this clip, filmed on February 29, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we see a woman posing on a rock in the sea, while waves are approaching from the distance. Moments later, we are all aware of what’s about to happen except for the unsuspecting woman. She didn’t see that coming! A wave splashes her with full speed, sending her flying on the harsh rocks and into the water!

When they thought that they had found the right spot for taking a summer picture, a massive wave came out of the blue and smashed down on top of Rosangela. She instantly felt like she is going underwater, since the wave caught her by surprise and made her disoriented in space. In such predicaments, it is hard to know which way is up and which one is down!

Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt and will remember this hilarious moment for the rest of her life. Hopefully she will be more careful the next time she poses by the beach at angry seas! Here is another story of a wave photobombing a photoshoot! The water is very, very powerful, don't underestimate how powerful it can be! Beware!

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